Friday, August 28, 2009

Cheerios anyone?

Yesterday I laid out a bunch of cheerios on the floor for Ella and she went crazy! She loves cheerios and sometimes I can't feed them fast enough to her! The thing is, is that when I let her feed herself, usually they don't go into her mouth and get all over her hands and mouth and then she gets mad because she's not being fed but yesterday she was doing a lot better! Next thing I knew she had one stuck to her head! She was so funny and it kept her entertained for a long time and Teddy was just freaking out wanting to eat all the cheerios that were around him. You can definately count on Pugs when there is food around!

Monday, August 24, 2009


So everyone knows that I sell Scentsy so I wanted to let you know that August is the last month to get all of your orders in for Scents and Warmers that aren't coming back for the Fall/Winter seasons! Also almost everything is 10% off during this month to get ready for all of the new scents and warmers! Hip hip hooray! So here's a list of what's going to be discontinued. If you want to place an order please check out my website and you can order off of there or you can give me a call and I can place it for you! I've been trying to get creative for my website too so please give me some feedback!!!! Positive or negative... all is welcome!

or you can give me a call at 208-891-8227


Blueberry Cheesecake (BBC)
Cashmere (CAS)
Eucalyptus (EUC)
Exotic Vanilla (EXV)
Falling Leaves (FAL)
Fresh Cut Cantaloupe (FCC)
Grapefruit Blossom (GFB)
Grapefruit Pomegranate (GFP)
Havana Cabana (HVC)
Hearth & Home (SOTM) (HNH)
Herb Garden (HBG)
Irish Cream (IRC)
Juicy Peach (JCP)
Leather (LEA) (Bars and Bricks)
Lemon Lavender (LMV)
Lots of Lavender (LOL)
Luxe Vanilla (LUX)
Meadow Pear (MDP)
Mediterranean Spa (MTS)
Mulberry Bush (MBB)
Mysterious (MYS)
Nutmeg & Orange Zest (NOZ)
Pomegranate Orange (PGO)
Red Delicious (RED)
Sandalwood & Cranberries (SWC)
Sangria (SNG)
Sheer Saffron (SOTM) (SHE)
Silk (SLK)
Spiced Orange Harvest (SOH)
Spruceberry (SPR)
Strawberry Sweetie (SBS)
Sweet Indulgence (SWI)
Sugar (SGR)
Sweet Tea Magnolia (SWT)
Tarocco Mint (SOTM) (TRM)
Tea Blossom (TEA)
Toasted Apple Butter (TAB)
Tuscan Garden (TUS)
Verbena Berry (VBY)
Wasabi Ginger (WSG)
Watermelon Patch (WMP)


Bombay (DSW-BBAY)
Brownstone (DSW-BSTN)
Classic Chocolate (DSW-SCHO)
Dandy – Black (PSW-DBLK)
Dandy – Brown (PSW-DBRN)
Dandy – White (PSW-DWTE)
Dragonfly (DSW-DFLY)
Jakarta (DSW-JAKA)
Luminous (DSW-LUMI)
Patina (DSW-PATI)
Pressed Penny (DSW-PPEN)
Punched Tin (DSW-PTIN)
Raised Dot Black (DSW-DOTB)
Raised Dot Mocha (DSW-DOTM)
Raised Dot Turquoise (DSW-DOTT)
Retro Chic (DSW-RETR)
Shabby Chic (DSW-SHCH)
Weave – Black (PSW-WBLK)
Weave – Brown (PSW-WBRN)
Weave – White (PSW-WWTE)


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Finally some video...

Okay so I wanted the video to go first on here but I did it backwards, go figure! Anyways, here's Ella and her mascaras (you'll read below) and then a couple other cute ones of her and one I love of her and Tyler!!

So Ella crawls so much now and its the cutest thing ever! I've been trying to get video of her and I have but sometimes she cries or other times she gets distracted by Teddy. She LOVES holding and playing with my mascara. A tube for each hand! (She can only hold it, no actual make up allowed until she's older!!!!) So that's what she's crawling to here in the video.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Something new....

So pretty soon my SIL (sister in law) and I are going to start a blog together! I'll still be doing this one as well. We are going to be talking about everything....from crafts to men to babies to tips to just whatever! If you have any suggestions, let me know!!!!! Please!!!! Also we'll be giving stuff away for our followers and for people who join in and leave us comments! We also hope that it catches on so that we can have guest writers too! More details to come.......

Friday, August 14, 2009

Is there someone following me???

Yes!!! And her name just happens to be Ella :) Today she's been crawling a lot more. She was in the living room and I was making dinner in the kitchen and here comes Ella around the corner and into the kitchen. I LOVE WATCHING HER! Its the cutest thing ever. I know I need to get video and I'll put it on my list of things to do tomorrow so I can post it. I know EVERYONE is dying to see her crawl! Her daddy was sitting in the chair and she crawled over to him tonight too. Its so fun to watch! I do have to say that she is a strong little thing! I can stand her against something and she'll hold on all by herself. Now her other new thing is that she's trying to pull herself up onto things as well. If she has just woken up I'll go into get her and she has the bumper pads squished all the way down and is holding onto the crib. She looks like she's in jail and wants out! But the little Ella Bean is doing great and is pretty much back to her normal self, happy as can be! She was cranky after our trip because we threw her schedule off and then she would get mad because she couldn't crawl but we are back on track and now she can crawl so I suppose its onto a new adventure!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Alycia...where have you been?

So I have missed Random Thought Tuesday and I haven't been blogging lately? What's the deal you ask? I have been LAZY!!! Yes it is true! Okay so here's what we've been up to. Over a week ago when my mom was down, we all met my dad in Cascade for camping! Yay! Ella's first camping trip, being able to relax by a fire, smores...mmmm...smores and just all around being able to spend some time with family. Dare to dream I suppose. And here's how it really went. Trailor park...trailors too close. Us in a tent right next to the poop shoot of the neighbors (smelled it once or twice and it was enough to kill) us not having a fire pit and not getting one the first night...downright LAME! Ella not sleeping and crying both nights. Saturday we had the train ride and it was interesting as well! It was so hot and Ella was so crabby (go figure...not getting any sleep) and on the way back to the little train station Tyler, Ella and I fell asleep. Finally some sleep just not at the right time. Then on our way back to the camp (it was about an hour drive) Ella was screaming in her car seat! My dad felt so bad but I made him keep driving, she just wanted out of her car seat and that was all there was to it. Second night....Ella crying and around 3 I asked Tyler to give her a blessing. The second after he gave her the blessing she was back to her normal self, the happiest baby ever! She was giggly and all smiles and we were finally able to get some sleep. I am so thankful for the power of the Priesthood and the many wonderful things it has done for our family. The last day we were there we figured out some of the problems, Ella, not trying to crawl, couldn't get any of her energy out during the day because we were always holding her! Put all the bad stuff aside and we actually did have a good time. It was nice to see my parents and to see what camping with Ella would be like. No more camping trips this summer have been planned.

Since then we haven't been getting much sleep either. Her schedule has been so off and she's been waking up quite frequently during the night. Monday I finally took her into the Dr because its been so bad. She cries all the time and has to be held constantly. Which means that I can't get anything else done and even when I was holding her, sometimes she would still be crabby. Ahh what an unpleasant time! So while we were waiting for the Dr I put Ella up on the padded table there have in the room and she started crawling across the table to get the coloring books and crayons on the other side! I was like..what the...!?!? Sweet! Ella crawls and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen! I got in trouble with the Dr while I was there...he asked me if I was still nursing her at night and I kinda put my head down and said yeahhhhh...I know that by this age she doesn't need to be nursed at night but at night I don't care about those things, I just want to get her back to bed so I can get back to bed too! Nursing would get her back to sleep or she would just cry! And the Dr said LET HER CRY ALYCIA!!! She doesn't need it and now she's getting on a pattern of waking up a few times at night and what we want is for her to sleep through the night! Okay okay, I hear ya loud and clear Doc. I also got the 'Told ya so' from Tyler. I just hate hearing her cry, breaks my heart and I'm just not good at it! She's been going to bed around 7 or 8 these past few nights when she cries I let her cry it out and go back to sleep. Its actually not too bad and she doesn't cry for that long. So hopefully we are getting back on schedule and maybe one of these nights I'll actually score 8 hours of sleep in a row? Maybe? Please? She's been a lot happier the past few days too and I know she loves the comfort of home. And she's a crib baby! She loves her crib and what she knows! I love watching her crawl all over the place, except for when she crawls over to our dvd player and starts touching all of the buttons. I love each phase that she goes through although I wish they wouldn't pass us by so fast. Tyler asked me the other day if I was loving being a mom and I do. Being a wife and a mother is the one thing I have always been so sure of in my life. I received a lot of critisism when I was 18 and getting married instead of going to college but 5 and a half years later I still stand by my decision!

Okay so since I didn't do my Random Thought Tuesday, here's a couple of thoughts....

Why is it that there are a million people who work at Walmart but when you need help you can't find any of them, and when you do find someone, they can't help you find what you need???

What good are mosqitos for other than to irritate people???

I think that Tyler should go on a game show or something! We were watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire last night and they had showed a clip of a guy who was on there who one $2 Million dollars and Tyler knew the answer!! He is so smart and knows so many random things about everything that I know he'd do great on a show like that!

Alright Ella is taking a nap and its time for me to take a bath and read. I've been loving reading the Harry Potter books!