Friday, February 12, 2010

Catching up!

Its been a long while since I've blogged last and so I wanted to put some updated pictures up! Ella is getting so big. She starts walking and the next day she's running, literally! She is saying more words and has definitely become a lot more vocal. She doesn't want so sit still and so church these days is a little more difficult. I have said this before but she has quite the little personality...but really, would we expect anything less? :) She does this new little funny face where she half closes her eyes and flutters her little eye lashes, its hilarious and she now mimics us like crazy! Her temper tantrums are also bigger! She does her loud little scream and sometimes she'll fall on her butt, scream and look up at me like, mom...the world has just ended and its all your fault!

1st picture is of her with a messy messy dinner and she loved every minute of it!

2nd picture is when she fell asleep in her high chair. It was taken a couple of weeks ago after church. I'll have to put the video up...we were kind of messing with her :)

3rd picture is her in my scarf. It was on the floor for some reason and she just came into the kitchen wearing it! So fashionable that one is!

4th picture was taken right before bed and she's just being her cute little self

5th picture is with her daddy. I love taking pictures of them together!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

6 years

I find myself the luckiest girl in the world! I'm not bragging but I'm a realist! Last Sunday, January 17th was our 6 year anniversary and I just can't believe its been 6 years already! Thinking back to the days when we were engaged boy did I get the strangest comments from people because I was only 18 and about to get married. I knew then as do I still know that it was the best decision I have ever made in my entire life. Thanks babe for sticking with me, we have a beautiful child and I'm looking forward to the rest of our lives together!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little Family Outing

Yesterday we had a little family outing. The Capital has been closed for a few years for construction and what not and it just reopened. We went down and it was nice to get out and walk around. Ella just loved it! Tons of space for her to walk! Here's some pics and a video of her doing so!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Thought Tuesday

Its Tuesday again already? Where did the time go? Its been awhile since I did random thought Tuesday so I thought I would pick it back up again! Well I'm totally missing my laptop! I'm on Tyler's apple and I like it way more than my old dinosaur computer but I'm missing the pictures I have on there. The power cord doesn't work and so hopefully once Tyler gets some electrical tape tonight I'll work again. Who knows, only time will tell!

Yesterday I was in this huge cleaning frenzy because we are transforming our spare bedroom into a guest bedroom and there is just so much cleaning to do! I need to get my butt back in gear and go back to cleaning it. I know I'll be so satisfied once its all clean and pretty!

Ella loves whole milk and so I'm going to try and be done with nursing soon. Its been such a bonding experience I know I'll miss it but my goal was a year and I made it and now its time to move on! She was playing this morning and I looked over to her and she says 'hi'. Just made my heart melt to see how well she's progressing and turning into a big girl!

Yesterday I bought my favorite kind of jerky but was bummed once I got home to find out it isn't peppered but its still good so I can't complain too much!

I love Redbox and I've rented some movies so now I'm going to go and pick them up! Hope everyone enjoyed all my randomness!!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Ella is officially 1 year and 4 days old. I still can't believe it! When I was brushing her teeth tonight I noticed that she has cut 2 more teeth! Up on the top a few spaces back. They are the same teeth, one on each side. Lately she's also been copying us a lot more. Last night Tyler was asking her if she was ready to go nigh nigh and right after he was done, Ella said nigh nigh. Tonight Tyler was holding her and she was looking at Teddy and Tyler said Teddy and Ella says Teddy! It was amazing! She's been saying Teddy but without the d's. Same with Daddy. Then she just kept saying it over and over and over again. Right after she said it clear as day, Tyler and I just looked at each other shocked! She just amazes us each and every day. I suppose you could say we are proud parents and just love every stage she is in! Yes we adore our little bean to no end! Wonder what she'll say next?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ella's 1st Birthday!

Last Wednesday the 6th was Ella's first birthday! Its been a year already? I can hardly believe it! We had this cake for her and she loved it. We took the lid off, sat her in front of and was anxious to see what she would do. Whether it be smashing right into the cake or just getting a little feel for it. She just took her cute little finger and got a little bit of the frosting and kept going in for more around the edges where the frosting is a little bit higher. She kept really clean until we cut her a piece and then she just dove right in! She loved it of course! But really, would you think anything less? We all know how her momma is a big chocolate lover :) Ella had her year check up yesterday and here's some stats:
She's almost in the 10th percentile for both of those. She's a little teeny tiny thing but she's proportioned and healthy as can be!
8 teeth
Walking, clapping, pointing, always smiling, dancing!
She says, mama, dada, daddy, teddy, boo
She is immitating us and its so cute! Folds her arms during prayer, covers her eyes and says boo
We love you Ella and are so proud of you! You are growing up into a beautiful little girl (although growing up a little too fast). We are anxious and excited for all the stages to come!