Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pregnancy and Movies

So we went and saw Quantum of Solace last night, the new 007 movie. It was an awesome movie!!! So we got there and it was packed! We ended up down on the floor and in the middle of the aisle. So we are watching the movie and everything is going fine and then all the sudden, Ella starts moving. She's stretching here and stretching there and sticking out here. The way she was moving hurt! Anyways, the movie was awesome and I'm glad that we saw it but there's only one more movie I'm seeing and that's Twilight! Other than that, we are done with the movie theatre! Moral of my story, only having 7 weeks left to go and not being able to sit still for long, well, the movies aren't the best place to be, especially opening weekend!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mom and Dad

So my parents were down this weekend and we had so much fun! Mom hadn't seen our house yet and so it was really nice to show her! She even brought me some super cute crafty things....ahhhh, thanks mom! Halloween night mom and I handed out candy while Dad and Tyler went out and got us some food! The trick or treaters were so cute! But we only got about 10 of them and I was suprised we didn't get more. Uh oh....that means a lot of unecessary chocolate around the house that I know I'll be helping myself to! But Saturday we got to do some shopping and went out to dinner with my dad's brother Bob and his wife Shirley. We always go to McGrath's Fish House and it is to die for. Uncle Bob even knew what each of us were going to order! It was hilarious. Other than that we were able to hang out and just enjoy each other's company. We are bummed to say that it was a short weekend and they are already gone. With or without pregnancy, I always cry when they leave but we'll see them at Thanksgiving and its hard to believe that its coming up so fast! And we didn't get any pictures either, so here's a cute picture of them that we took a while ago! Love you mom and dad! We had a blast with you guys!