Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tyler and Florida

I forgot to mention that Tyler went to Florida a couple weeks ago. He went to Marco Island which is down in Florida! He was down there for a week for a conference for his work! Check out some of the amazing pictures he took!

Our latest news!

Hey guys! We are going to try and be better at this! Its been a busy year and we can't believe that September is pretty much over! We bought our first house around a month ago and are loving it! We love having so much room and a place to call our own. Our next project will be the baby's room although we still have a few boxes left unpacked in the garage! Her room will be pink and brown. We are going to paint polka dots on the lower half of the walls....good thing my mom and dad will be down soon so mom can help me with that! She's super crafty.

Today I am 26 weeks along and it sure is flying fast! She is healthy as can be and is always moving around! I think she's a little dancer in there or maybe a kung fu fighter. Either way, she's really active and we have fun watching!

This past weekend, we made a trip down to Ogden, Ut. That's where Tyler's sister Tara and her husband Jason live. They had a baby boy last week and named him Ryder. Talk about a cutie! Most of Tyler's whole family was down there so it was nice to hang out and enjoy some time with them. Also it was battle of the pugs! Teddy (our pug) Frankie (Tara & Jason's pug) and Sampson (Ty's parents pug) all got to hang out. Teddy and Frankie are still young and so they love to kiss and play and run with each other. Sampson on the other hand, wasn't having it. He's old and likes his space :)