Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow in Boise!

Some pics and a short video of the recent snow we got down here in Boise. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

To my Husband

Look at this picture of Tyler. Cutest baby ever!

5 weeks left

So here it is. We have 5 weeks left until Ella is here. Its crazy! Our Dr said today that if I go into labor in the next week then he'll stop it, but after that its a go! Unbelievable to think that she'll be here soon. Anyways, we were up North this past week visiting our families and my sister Val took some pics. I haven't seen them all yet but here is one that she has sent to me. I LOVE IT. Didn't think that I would put a bare belly picture up but I think its too darn cute not to share! Maybe that's a little too conceited to say but oh well! :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pregnancy and Movies

So we went and saw Quantum of Solace last night, the new 007 movie. It was an awesome movie!!! So we got there and it was packed! We ended up down on the floor and in the middle of the aisle. So we are watching the movie and everything is going fine and then all the sudden, Ella starts moving. She's stretching here and stretching there and sticking out here. The way she was moving hurt! Anyways, the movie was awesome and I'm glad that we saw it but there's only one more movie I'm seeing and that's Twilight! Other than that, we are done with the movie theatre! Moral of my story, only having 7 weeks left to go and not being able to sit still for long, well, the movies aren't the best place to be, especially opening weekend!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mom and Dad

So my parents were down this weekend and we had so much fun! Mom hadn't seen our house yet and so it was really nice to show her! She even brought me some super cute crafty things....ahhhh, thanks mom! Halloween night mom and I handed out candy while Dad and Tyler went out and got us some food! The trick or treaters were so cute! But we only got about 10 of them and I was suprised we didn't get more. Uh oh....that means a lot of unecessary chocolate around the house that I know I'll be helping myself to! But Saturday we got to do some shopping and went out to dinner with my dad's brother Bob and his wife Shirley. We always go to McGrath's Fish House and it is to die for. Uncle Bob even knew what each of us were going to order! It was hilarious. Other than that we were able to hang out and just enjoy each other's company. We are bummed to say that it was a short weekend and they are already gone. With or without pregnancy, I always cry when they leave but we'll see them at Thanksgiving and its hard to believe that its coming up so fast! And we didn't get any pictures either, so here's a cute picture of them that we took a while ago! Love you mom and dad! We had a blast with you guys!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Teddy - Caught in the Act!!!!

Our dogs unhealthy obsession for all things stuffed finally comes to light! Now you will all know of Teddy's forbidden love...

Warning-video contains mature themes not suitable for people who can't take a joke.......

Sunday, October 19, 2008

29 Weeks!

Tyler took some pics tonight and I figured I should put a few up! My belly is getting bigger and bigger every day!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So Tyler and I were at Fred Meyer's the other night and we tried on some masks! I'm pretty sure that his was pretty sweet but mine would scare anyone in their right mind! Yikes!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Alycia's business!!!

I just wanted everyone to know that I've started selling *SCENTSY*. They are wickless candles that are amazing!!! If anyone is interested, I have a website that you can check out! You can also make orders online too and then it just gets shipped to you!

Christmas is just around the corner and here is a present that you can give to anyone!!! :)

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tyler and Florida

I forgot to mention that Tyler went to Florida a couple weeks ago. He went to Marco Island which is down in Florida! He was down there for a week for a conference for his work! Check out some of the amazing pictures he took!

Our latest news!

Hey guys! We are going to try and be better at this! Its been a busy year and we can't believe that September is pretty much over! We bought our first house around a month ago and are loving it! We love having so much room and a place to call our own. Our next project will be the baby's room although we still have a few boxes left unpacked in the garage! Her room will be pink and brown. We are going to paint polka dots on the lower half of the walls....good thing my mom and dad will be down soon so mom can help me with that! She's super crafty.

Today I am 26 weeks along and it sure is flying fast! She is healthy as can be and is always moving around! I think she's a little dancer in there or maybe a kung fu fighter. Either way, she's really active and we have fun watching!

This past weekend, we made a trip down to Ogden, Ut. That's where Tyler's sister Tara and her husband Jason live. They had a baby boy last week and named him Ryder. Talk about a cutie! Most of Tyler's whole family was down there so it was nice to hang out and enjoy some time with them. Also it was battle of the pugs! Teddy (our pug) Frankie (Tara & Jason's pug) and Sampson (Ty's parents pug) all got to hang out. Teddy and Frankie are still young and so they love to kiss and play and run with each other. Sampson on the other hand, wasn't having it. He's old and likes his space :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

So, I was a bachelor this weekend....

Hey all,

So Alycia spent the weekend up in Coeur d' Alene/Pinehurst and the dog and I stayed home here in Boise. It was Alycia's moms birthday and her Dad was cool enough to fly her up so that she could be there with her family. Meanwhile, I stayed home and pretty much did nothing. By nothing, I pretty much mean it. I slept in as late as possible and then I hung out around the house with Teddy our dog. I'm even boring myself as I write this.

One thing I did do is clean up around the house. Now that Alycia's pregnant, I've tried to do more around the house so she doesn't have to. I can't stand doing the dishes but, surprisingly, I kinda enjoy vacuuming. Maybe it's because it makes noise and sucks stuff up or maybe it's because it scares the crap out of the dog. All I know is that I don't mind doing it.

I also cleaned the bathroom which has always been my job since we got married and I'm trying to remember how exactly I got stuck with this duty. Anyways, I cleaned the tub and toilet and even opened up some potpourri to ensure that our bathroom is fresh at all times. Not very manly, I admit, but it's true and it's just another thing that Alycia doesn't have to do.

The pregnancy is going really well and, lately, her belly has really been growing. Actually, it seemed to grow almost overnight and now there's no denying that a little baby is on the way. We've been going over different baby names but it seems like we've only been coming up with names for girls. It seems that everyone thinks we're going to be having a little girl instead of a boy. My sister, Tara, who believes she possesses the gift of being able to predict whether or not someone is going to have a boy or girl, says that a girl is on the way. On a side note, Tara says she's never been wrong and I think this merits further investigation. Anyways, even when I try to think up of some good boy names, only girl names pop into my mind. If anyone has any good name suggestions, please submit them because my mind is totally blank.

Well, this post has gone on long enough. If you have any good boy names then let us know. I'm gonna go find out why I always have to clean the bathroom. Later!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First Post-Alycia is Pregnant!

So, this is our first post and I've got something big to tell everyone. Alycia is Pregnant! We've known for a few weeks but held off on making it public until her first doctor's appointment. Well, we now know that she's 9 weeks pregnant and is due on January 6th. I feel bad for Alycia because she's been pretty sick for the last couple of weeks with morning sickness and I can only hope that it passes soon because it's hard to see her so miserable but it's nice knowing that everything is normal and the baby is healthy so far. Here is a pic of the first ultrasound.