Friday, February 12, 2010

Catching up!

Its been a long while since I've blogged last and so I wanted to put some updated pictures up! Ella is getting so big. She starts walking and the next day she's running, literally! She is saying more words and has definitely become a lot more vocal. She doesn't want so sit still and so church these days is a little more difficult. I have said this before but she has quite the little personality...but really, would we expect anything less? :) She does this new little funny face where she half closes her eyes and flutters her little eye lashes, its hilarious and she now mimics us like crazy! Her temper tantrums are also bigger! She does her loud little scream and sometimes she'll fall on her butt, scream and look up at me like, mom...the world has just ended and its all your fault!

1st picture is of her with a messy messy dinner and she loved every minute of it!

2nd picture is when she fell asleep in her high chair. It was taken a couple of weeks ago after church. I'll have to put the video up...we were kind of messing with her :)

3rd picture is her in my scarf. It was on the floor for some reason and she just came into the kitchen wearing it! So fashionable that one is!

4th picture was taken right before bed and she's just being her cute little self

5th picture is with her daddy. I love taking pictures of them together!