Friday, January 8, 2010

Ella's 1st Birthday!

Last Wednesday the 6th was Ella's first birthday! Its been a year already? I can hardly believe it! We had this cake for her and she loved it. We took the lid off, sat her in front of and was anxious to see what she would do. Whether it be smashing right into the cake or just getting a little feel for it. She just took her cute little finger and got a little bit of the frosting and kept going in for more around the edges where the frosting is a little bit higher. She kept really clean until we cut her a piece and then she just dove right in! She loved it of course! But really, would you think anything less? We all know how her momma is a big chocolate lover :) Ella had her year check up yesterday and here's some stats:
She's almost in the 10th percentile for both of those. She's a little teeny tiny thing but she's proportioned and healthy as can be!
8 teeth
Walking, clapping, pointing, always smiling, dancing!
She says, mama, dada, daddy, teddy, boo
She is immitating us and its so cute! Folds her arms during prayer, covers her eyes and says boo
We love you Ella and are so proud of you! You are growing up into a beautiful little girl (although growing up a little too fast). We are anxious and excited for all the stages to come!